​Nicole Winkler

1991 Collegian


Acting and visual arts have always been my two passions.

My interest in jewellery was sparked by my mum, who always had beautiful jewellery. As for acting, I was fairly flamboyant as a child and started getting into House plays in Year 9.

My mum took me to see a production of The Tempest when I was young and that was a magical experience.

In Year 10 I did work experience at a jewellery studio and on leaving MLC began studying Fine Arts at Curtin University, then acting at the WA Academy of Performing Arts.

As an actor I am proud to have worked with Australia's premier Shakespeare company, Bell Shakespeare. It is so proactive in taking Shakespeare to the people.

I have also had guest roles on several TV shows: Rake, All Saints, Bondi Banquet and Lotto.

I gained much of my jewellery design training at Rox Gems and Jewellery in the Strand Arcade, Sydney.

Nicole Winkler Couture Jewellery was born in 2008. I love to think that the jewellery I design adds a little joy to those that wear it; from a humble pair of earrings, to an engagement ring that is worn for a lifetime and handed down through the generations.

I work with natural gemstones, pearls and precious metals.

I sent Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, a strand of pearls, something a little delicate and whimsical, which she wore for an official portrait.

I have also dressed various actors including Amy Mathews when she won her silver Logie.

On a personal level I am deeply grateful for and proud of my beautiful son who was born after a long battle to conceive. He is two and I am seeing my flamboyancy in him more and more and my heart is starting to sink!

I have always believed creativity is a gift to be shared with others. Ultimately I hope that my art will add a little beauty to the lives of those with who, I collaborate.

My advice to others is follow your dreams. Work hard in every role you take. Stay open to what the universe provides!

On MLC: I loved the quiet time to create in the art department overlooking the Swan River and the thrill of walking on stage in school productions.