Megan Kauffman

2014 Collegian


2014 graduate Megan Kauffman jetted off to the United States in August to take up a four-year athletics scholarship at Winthrop University.

The rising star of tennis was awarded a full scholarship which covers her tuition, board, resources, training and sports equipment at the South Carolina university.

While in Year 11, Megan contacted the university recruitment company, Strive 4 College, which helped her get in touch with a number of universities in the US that offered athletic scholarships to tennis players.

She had to make sure that her academic choices at MLC would help her qualify for the American system. Along with sitting the WACE exams, Megan had to sit the US university entrance exams and put together a portfolio.

"I had to do the SAT exam, which was maths and English, make a video, and a put together a profile of my experience and previous tournaments," Megan said.

"They also looked back at my subjects from Years 9-12. I had to make sure that the subjects I did in Years 11 and 12 counted enough to let me be eligible over there."

While at Winthrop, Megan will do a Bachelor of Science as well as represent her university at intercollegiate competitions, and play individual tournaments on the college circuit. She is currently ranked 83 in Australia, and hopes to gain an international ranking.

"My plan is to major in Exercise Science, to then come back here and do two years to become a physiotherapist. I can't do a physiotherapy course in America and be accredited here," she said.

"I hope by playing college tennis, gaining more experience and being in a competitive environment, hopefully, when I finish my degree, I can try go pro, play a few pro events and see how I go."

Megan says it's a formula that has jumpstarted the careers of players on the professional circuit, including John Isner, world number 19.

"Actually getting to live on campus and experience the whole college life is going to be really exciting," she said, adding that she will need a supply of Vegemite and Tim Tams to get her through.

She credits her MLC education for her academic success.

"I have very fond memories of MLC. It was like a big family. The education has prepared me for whatever will come in the future, and the way that I approach my study and my learning has been built at MLC," Megan said.