Hani Khan


Hani Kahn Resized

Head of English

Developing ‘voice’ in girls is crucial. Firstly because women were voiceless for so long in our long feminist history. To make girls love learning and become independent, resilient, life-long learners who will have a voice that they are not afraid to use is the driving force in my teaching. There is no cookie cutter in my class. Each girl develops her own way, her own style. I like to think that when a girl enters my class, she leaves slightly changed, that I enabled a paradigm shift on some level.

I believe that teaching young people to think is vital. I believe that to unchain their minds and equip them with the skills of critical literacy is important if we are to maintain a world where we can think freely and safely. I became a teacher for this reason and chose English and Literature as the best avenue to be able to empower students to be free thinkers. It is through reading, analysing and creating texts, and writing and speaking that we can be truly free.