Amanda Hopps


Amanda Hopps Resized

Kindergarten–Year 6 Physical Education Coordinator

The essence of Physical Education is for our younger girls to feel comfortable inside their own bodies, to gain confidence in themselves and what they can do, with a main emphasis on fun and enjoyment in being physical. The values incorporated in playing sport, such as fair play, teamwork and leadership, can be translated into so many other areas of their lives. Every carnival day is a highlight for me, whether it be Interhouse or JIGSSA. To see the girls so excited to represent either their House or MLC and to give their very best effort no matter what challenges may befall them, instils a deep sense of pride in me every time. I love the way the girls bond and support each other, how much enjoyment they have when they hang together in the stands and how much they put in when it is their time to compete, despite the nerves and the tension they may feel. Our MLC spirit lives deep and it always surfaces so magnificently on carnival days.

One of my favourite things to do is walk through the junior area and be greeted by the bright, cheery and welcoming faces on all the girls. It is like a dream to be working at this wonderful school where I gain so much energy each day from all the brightness and love that each girl brings. Every person has such a beautiful spirit and we are so lucky to be surrounded by each other - lifting, supporting, enabling and having fun with each other every day. 

Growing up, I never considered that one day I would be a teacher. I played squash professionally on the world circuit and this naturally led to learning the craft of coaching. A good friend of mine who was a teacher watched me coaching squash to a group of young people and afterwards remarked, “Amanda, you would make a great teacher.” I thought seriously about it and the next year enrolled at university. Because of that, here I am today!