​Emily Murray

2007 Collegian


When I left school I wanted to move on from Perth, so I moved to Canberra to go to the Australian National University.

My passion is empowering people to develop the skills and confidence to take their world into their own hands.

When I was in Year 11 at MLC, I put my hand up when a teacher called for volunteers to go to a conference. I thought it sounded great fun, but after the meeting I was told that I wasn't suitable because of my subjects. I had chosen lots of maths and sciences. I needed more social science subjects. The day before the conference I asked again and, as no-one else had volunteered, I was allowed to go to the United Nations Youth Association State Conference. That event introduced me to a whole new world of International Law which is my honour's topic in my Law degree.

I realised that I almost missed out because a teacher decided that this opportunity would not be suitable for me. I decided that all young Australians deserved the chance to make their own decisions about which opportunities they take part in, like scholarships, internships, conferences, camps and competitions. I knew I had to get straight to the students, because there were a lot of barriers for students trying to access opportunities. So I created a website, Rise.org.au, where young Australians can control their own development and find out what opportunities are available to them.

I have been working as the Digital Campaign Organiser for Simon Sheikh, on his campaign for an ACT seat in the Australian Senate.

I have also worked in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet as an advisor on Government support and promote volunteers and volunteering. I then worked in AusAID, where I advised the Australian Government on how to best support Australian volunteers overseas.

I have volunteered with many organisations. I feel a strong responsibility to use my life to spread freedom around the world and empower people to live the life they dream about.

On MLC: The hardest thing for girls to learn is how to love themselves, but luckily we had perfect examples of strong female role models. I think it comes down to the love and willingness to go that extra mile, those hundreds of extra miles, and I want to thanks all my teachers for that.