Stuart Earnshaw


Stuart Earnshaw Resized

Head of Creative Arts and Design and Technology

As Head of Department I love visiting the different classrooms, seeing the manner in which the girls approach learning, permeated with energy and intelligence. At MLC, experienced teachers have designed teaching and learning programs that explicitly teach and embed learning programmes, promoting the acquisition of 21st century skills such as; critical thinking, problem solving, self-management, decision-making, mindfulness, perseverance, resilience and demonstrating empathy.

The dynamism of practical learning classrooms foster a community of learners. The evidence of this interaction inherent in the products created and the development of skills.  There is great reward to walk into a Food, Science and Technology class and be enveloped by the smells of cooking or a Visual Arts sculpture class where the girls have embraced a new sculptural technique and created sculptures beyond expectation. 

As a teacher and Head of Department I am an advocate and promoter of creative, technological and design thinking as an important key for success, not only in our subjects, but as a foundational ingredient in future career pathways too.

As a department we place importance on telling the story of our students in their learning journeys, celebrating visual thinking and promoting the exciting possibilities that creative, technological and design thinking bring.