Stephen Dornan


Stephen Dornan Resized

Head of Research and Learning Innovation

Inherent in my role is the expectation that pushing boundaries of innovative practice is a requirement. Innovation in education should mean that what we do is not only new, but better. My hope is that much of the innovative learning practices that I expect from my students is eventually seen as common practice. My students at MLC are now demonstrating their learning and problem-solving through complex coding of robotics, designing interactive computer programmes, experimenting with Augmented and Virtual reality, collaborating and storing content online. They are experimenting with new mediums of communication such and digital graphics and video, with a focus on developing a wide range of capabilities that will hopefully prepare them for a very dynamic future beyond the years at MLC. 

After completing a Degree in Science, I initially decided to do a bit of teaching to save up and travel the world. I quickly found that I had stumbled upon a very noble, challenging and rewarding occupation. I was always interested in finding new ways of engaging students in learning, and this restless passion for discovery and professional improvement led me into various leadership roles. I was made an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2011 which recognises education pioneers who are using Apple technology to transform teaching and learning.

My position allows me to have direct contact with almost every aspect of teaching and learning in the school. This enables me to fully appreciate and witness the amazing teaching and learning that occurs in the College thanks to a talented and dedicated staff, working with wonderful students.

A truly memorable moment from my time here was when one of my Year 8 Digital Technology classes made a book for me at the end of the year, thanking me for teaching them and then proceeded to collate all of my terrible ‘Dad jokes’ and puns that I had forced them to endure throughout the year. I’m sure the deep meaningfulness of the jokes will be with them for a long time, and hopefully some of the digital technology that they learned might also stick.