Chris De Boer


Chris De Boer Resized

Health and Physical Education Teacher, Corinth Archon and Head of Athletics and Cross Country

I’ve seen girls I taught in Year 3 graduate and have even taught alongside qualified teachers who were once my students. I strive to equip my students with the skills and confidence to benefit from an active lifestyle. I played various sports growing up and it was always a highlight during my time at school. My parents are also teachers and I saw how rewarding it could be. I still enjoy running which was my primary sport and I can still keep up with the girls… but I am not sure for how many years. When they do start beating me, at least I can just claim I am coaching them too well! It’s very rewarding to see some girls go from participating in school cross country to making the state team.

A highlight during my time here so far would be our recent second place at the IGSSA WA Cross Country Championships, culminating from 10 years of progress. Since 2011 we have steadily moved up the ladder and consolidated ourselves as a consistent top performer. 

Fun fact: Chris competed in Athletics at a national level (800m).