Jacqui Claassen


Jacqui Claassen Resized

Head of Year and Years 712 Mathematics Teacher

I believe becoming a teacher was always in my makeup. After invaluable experience in the corporate world as a software developer and having run my own IT company, returning to teaching has been incredibly rewarding. It is a pleasure to assist in the holistic development of our students and hone their academic ability.

What I enjoy most about my Head of Year role, is getting to know the students in all aspects of their life at the College. Having mentored the same year group for three years, I’ve been able to build positive relationships with the students and develop a true understanding of each individual. The shared laughs and revelation of different personalities is a delightful aspect of being a teacher.

In Mathematics, it gives me great pleasure to see students engaged in mathematical challenges or observing that moment when their face lights up as they come to the realisation they understand a concept. I continually strive to develop the love of Mathematics in our young ladies through a personable approach. I am fortunate enough to be part of an enthusiastic department. All staff members work together as a team, to grow our expertise, developing new strategies and teaching ideas to best cater for our students in these rapidly changing times. With today’s innovative technology, we continually research and explore relevant subject matter.

Outside of my career, I have a passion for sport. Currently, long distance running is my passion and I am always looking for the next challenge. Having played a variety of sports, teamwork and resilience are two criteria that are essential in the balanced development of our students.