​Chloe Hurst

2006 Collegian


Standing on stage in New York in March this year (2013), before a full house ovation, my journey so far was put into perspective.

I was performing as 'Judy Turner' in The Fulton Theatre's production of A Chorus Line.

Towards the end of the show there's a song called What I Did for Love. We all sing it in an attempt to explain why we do what we do every day and it's safe to say all my achievements, so far, have been done for love.

After graduating from MLC, I moved to Melbourne to pursue my career in performing arts. During my studies I was lucky enough to perform on Rove Live, Thank God You're Here, Foxtel's The Singing Office, with popular bands Silverchair and Grinspoon and as the love interest in a video for popular artist Mark Sholtez.

These were just a few of the credits that assisted my application to The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York, in addition to a diploma in performance and the beginnings of a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Upon acceptance, I received my US student visa. I moved across Australia and then across the world, all before I was 21.

I studied 'the method' at Strasberg for two very intense years and was lucky enough to be featured in Kiss Me, Kate, The Three Penny Opera and Into the Woods. I was scouted by an agency and have since been in many shows, including Can-Can and Miracle on 34th Street, and TV shows, including Fool's Mission, and movies, including Performances: A Celebration of Despair.

I believe this industry is called 'the entertainment industry' for good reason. Whether I enlighten you, challenge you, encourage you, inspire you, or simply make you smile, I have touched your life in some way. Even if it's by distance or via a screen, I can still reach out to people and let them know that at that very second they are a part of something.

I hope to continue to do this in order to share my love for what I do.

On MLC: Standout memories include hanging out on the Great Lawn with friends, crossing the bridge and making sure my uniform was on correctly before passing the prefects and fighting for the last spaghetti on toast at the canteen. I remember every chorale and barbershop performance (including every lyric I didn't learn or wrong note I sang).