​Bryony Crawford

1985 Collegian


In my last year at MLC I was invited to audition at the University of Music and Drama in Vienna and I left Australia in 1986. It was lonely and a big shock. I had to conduct my studies in German and there was no leniency for anyone who could not keep up.

I transferred to Switzerland, where I remained for 16 years, completing my Bachelor of Music Education and my Master's in Performance.

I performed a lot; forming a trio, Six Hands, specialising in contemporary and early music. It was great fun. In about 2000 I joined the recorder quartet Ensemble Diferencias, which presented music from the Middle Ages in a quirky but historically correct way. I also performed with the Zurich Chamber Orchestra and the Zurich Opera and taught at several music schools.

In 2005 I returned to Australia to do a Bachelor of Arts at RMIT University in Melbourne. Although I missed Europe, I was happy to be back.

I achieved Honours in painting and was awarded the Siemens' Prize for outstanding graduates, and was fortunate to become the assistant to a well-known artist and sculptor in Melbourne, Robert Owen.

I met my second husband, Anthony, and we now have two daughters, Charlotte and Georgia. We moved back to Perth to be closer to my family and I teach painting and drawing at TAFE.

My advice to young women is if you want to study overseas, don't let language be a barrier. Don't wait till you are nearing 40 to have kids. If you don't want to join the crowd, don't. Don't have sex too early. Honour yourself by starting off the story in a fantastic way with a fantastic person.

Your goals may change over time, and that's ok.

On MLC: MLC gave me a love of disciplined learning that has stayed with me all my life.