Alex Brown


Alex Brown Resized

Design and Technologies Teacher

I love working with young people, they are so full of enthusiasm, warmth and humour – it’s very energising to be around! I am fairly new to teaching but I have worked with children for most of my working life. In fact, many of the girls I have taught at MLC I also cared for in day care when they were young. It has been lovely knowing them at opposite ends of their childhood. 

I really enjoy teaching in a creative, practical learning area that develops essential life skills such as problem solving and flexible thinking. The best part of my job is witnessing the deep sense of satisfaction and pride students feel when they create something beautiful and unique or exceed their own expectations. Being able to help facilitate that process is very rewarding.

I consider myself very lucky to be working here; there is such a strong sense of community, strengthened by culture and tradition. It’s a physically beautiful campus but it’s the people that really make the place. I feel very much at home here.

A highlight of my time at MLC was accompanying a group of Year 11 students on the recent Vietnam Service Learning Trip. I was blown away by the grit and determination displayed by the group. They stretched themselves way beyond their comfort zones and dug deep both physically and mentally. I was so proud of the them; they were truly incredible International ambassadors of MLC. It is a trip we will all remember for a lifetime.