Liz Bozsa


Liz Bozsa Resized

Kindergarten–Year 6 Art Technician and Theatre Arts Assistant for Years 7-12

I’m an MLC Collegian and graduated in 2006. After 11 years, I was not expecting to return to the College, but I’m so glad I did! My creative flair was nurtured during my time here as a student. Jenny Dilkes, Susan Millar and Cheryl Lundy were my teachers and role models who have been instrumental in encouraging my love for the Arts. It’s so wonderful that they are now my colleagues. After school I went on to study Fashion Design and Fine Art. I love working with kids to share my love of the Arts and assisting them on their creative journey, either visually through their artwork or onstage with costuming.

 During the production of Calamity Jane, my colleagues and I had only moments to deal with a broken zip of one of our lead costumes. We cut up a very old pair of MLC bathers to create a panel, and then covered the panel with some bows. No one was the wiser! It definitely gets the heart pumping! I love being a part of College Productions and working alongside our dedicated staff to create a fantastic experience for the girls and everyone involved.

I am also an artist and specialise in realistically and colourfully depicting native birdlife using Watercolour. I had the opportunity to share my art practice with the Year 5 students who enthusiastically embraced my love of birds and created some stunning Watercolour pieces. These works were displayed in the halls of the Years 3–5 building throughout 2019.

Fun fact: Liz recently had her first Solo Art Exhibition at Eighth Avenue Collective in Maylands.