Barbara Partington (Jones)

1954 Collegian

1954 Collegian Barbara Partington (Jones)

I left MLC in year 11 and I was very sad to leave. I thought I'd go nursing, but changed my mind. I regret now that I didn't stay on for Year 12.

My first job was working for a French wool buying firm. I'd been to Underwood's and had done shorthand and typing. I went to this dear little office and it was lovely.

I was there four or five years. I met my husband who worked in the same building. He was transferred to Albany. It was different there but after a while I met some very nice friends. I had my son, Jeffrey, and that filled up my days.

I left Albany about the end of '62, when my husband and I parted, and worked for Perth Radiological Clinic for 17 years. I remarried and we went to live in Canberra and Sydney before returning to Perth.

I've been on the Collegians' Committee intermittently for about 40 years. I was secretary at one stage, and am now on three committees at MLC; the CLC (Community Leadership Committee), Collegians' and the Naming Rights committees.

I also coordinate the Bownes Memorial Bursary that the Collegians' Association presents to a Year 10 student each year. The girls are invited to apply then I coordinate the interviews, after which we choose one girl. I like to make them feel comfortable at the interviews so it's not too daunting for them.

My son said, "You should be working for MLC", and I said, "I do, Jeffrey, but in an honorary capacity. I love it. I wish I was there forever."

I played tennis for the MLC Collegians when the IGSSA competition started. Now I'm just the coordinator. I haven't played in the team for years. Having two artificial hips has slowed me down, which is very annoying.

I was in the top tennis team my second last and my last years at MLC, and in 1950 won the junior championship. There was no trophy so my family gave me a tennis spoon with 1950 engraved on it.

I love cake decorating; I learnt that many years ago. If you make a mistake, you can eat it. But you see, with other things, you can't.

I'll always be here for MLC.

On MLC: I participated in whatever I could, and I just loved everything.