Once an MLC girl, always an MLC girl

As our students graduate from MLC, they become a part of the Collegians' Association – a vibrant and united global Alumnae network.


Please contact our Events and Community Liaison Coordinator Leo Nye if you would like to connect with the College or your peers, or if you have any queries. 
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MLC Collegians' Association


The Association Committee ensures that the 10,000 members of our Alumnae community maintain a connection with their School, and with one another.  

Our current Committee is made up of a number of dynamic women who graduated during a range of different decades from 1954 to 2018.

The Committee supports MLC and our Alumnae by hosting social and networking events, providing mentoring opportunities and connections, and offering the Bownes Memorial Bursary and the Collegian Prize for current students.

The Collegians' Association constitution can be made available to Collegians who wish to read it. Please contact the College to obtain a copy. 

Collegians' Committee 2020 Executive

  • President | Meg Dyson (Toop 1987)
  • Vice President | Miss Jenny Pritchard (1998)
  • Secretary | Simone Janney (1990)
  • Treasurer | Suzanne James (1984)

Where It All Began

Founded in 1913, the MLC Collegians' Association was first formed with a simple purpose - to keep the girls in touch with their old friends who had left the College. Since then, the Association has grown to become a dynamic and enduring part of life at MLC.

Twenty-three girls attended the inaugural meeting on 9 October 1913. Principal Gertrude Walton was unanimously elected as the first president and was as much a part of the Association as the Collegians themselves.

Although it has gone by different names over the years, including the Old Girls' Association and Old Scholars' Association, the MLC Collegians' Association has always focused on bringing together members of MLC's Community in support of the College. From concert nights, dances, sundowners and the annual picnic, to dinners and balls, the Collegians' Association has been responsible for a multitude of social and fundraising events during its existence.

The aim of providing facilities for current and future students has always played a role in the Association's activities. Contributions to the College range from fundraising to help build MLC's first library, the Gertrude Walton Library (now Drama Centre), to the purchase of furniture.

One of the most tangible contributions the Association has made to the College has been the provision of Collegian scholarships, prizes and bursaries.

Our 107-year-old Association has, and always will shape the identity of MLC through celebrating the individual gifts and endeavours of our Collegian network.

Once an MLC girl, always an MLC girl.

Collegians' Association Meetings and Events

All MLC Collegians are welcome to attend any Collegians' Association meetings and events throughout the year. If you would like to attend one of the following meetings or events in 2020, contact the College at for more information.

Collegian's Association Meetings

  • Collegians’ Association Meeting | Wednesday 21 October | 6.30pm | Boardroom 
  • Collegians’ Association Annual General Meeting | Tuesday 17 November | 6.30pm | Boardroom 

Per Ardua Association

At MLC, we recognise that not only students become an integral part of the College community.

The Per Ardua Association was formed in 1975 and is made up of former MLC students, staff members, parents, grandparents, Council members and friends of all generations, who wish to forge an ongoing connection with our College.

MLC played a very significant role in the lives of many Per Ardua members who cherish the opportunity to reconnect with and support the School and our community.

The Association host annual events, which include a Welcome Afternoon and a Christmas Luncheon.

If you are interested in joining the Per Ardua Association, please contact the College at

Per Ardua Association Meetings and Events

The MLC community is welcome to join the Per Ardua Association at any of their upcoming events. If you would like to attend one of the following events in 2020, contact the College at for more information.

  • Christmas Luncheon | Wednesday 18 November | 11am-2pm 

Our Per Ardua members will also be welcomed to other exciting College events on an invitation basis. 



Collegians are warmly invited to hold wedding or baptism ceremonies in the MLC Chapel.

In the life of the Methodist and the Uniting Church, this is a place of tradition, sacredness and celebration and, therefore, is more than a venue for hire.

Our Chapel's rich history began in 1918 and when it was built as the Assembly Hall of the College. It was officially named the Chapel in 1967 and the first wedding at the College took place in the same year.

MLC Chaplain, Reverend Hollis Wilson has officiated a number of weddings for Collegians and others for more than 20 years. Rev Wilson is more than happy to discuss your ceremony plans with you to ensure the event is as personal and meaningful as possible.

Please refer to the MLC Chapel - Wedding Ceremony Guidelines for further information.

For all enquiries regarding wedding and baptism ceremonies at MLC, please contact the College at

Collegian School Records

Collegians are able to obtain copies of their academic transcripts, copies of semester reports, letters of enrolment or other student information.

Apply for Collegian Records

Please post your application for your record to the College or email to

100 Collegian Voices

100 Collegian Voices was produced in 2013 in celebration of the MLC Collegians' Association centenary. It features a compilation of stories about 100 women who have shown courage, confidence and resilience in all aspects of their lives. The women's inspirational journeys began at MLC.

100 Collegian Voices captures the hearts and minds of some of Western Australia's finest women. If you would like to hear the women's voices and share in their powerful experiences, copies of the book can be purchased by clicking on the link below.

100 Collegian Voices order form

Some of the Collegian Voices can be viewed in the Our Voices section of the website.

Collegian Yearbooks

View digitised copies of our Collegian yearbooks below. 


1913 July | 1913 October | 1913 Christmas

1914 April | 1914 July | 1914 October

1915 April | 1915 October 

1916 April | 1916 October

1917 June | 1917 November

1918 April | 1918 December

1919 June | 1919 December


1920 April | 1921 June | 1921 December

1922 - Coming soon

1923 May | 1923 December | 1924 May | 1924 December

1925 June | 1925 December | 1926 June | 1926 December

1927 June | 1927 December | 1928 May | 1928 December

1929 May | 1929 December


1930 May | 1930 December | 1931 May | 1931 December

1932 June | 1932 November | 1933 June

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