Middle Years

Welcome to the wonder years…

Middle Years at MLC is a time of growth, development and excitement as our girls start to form their independent personalities, and become more courageous and adventurous.

It's also a time of transition – from primary to secondary education.

We understand that this move isn't always easy as our girls adapt from being in a single classroom with their teacher to negotiating numerous classrooms and specialist teachers.

Middle Years at MLC allows for a gradual change, allowing our girls to maintain their confidence and take on increased responsibility as they become more independent.

We present all of our girls a rigorous academic curriculum and a plethora of learning opportunities. Our girls' academic needs are catered for in their classrooms, whether that be Learning Support or academic extension. Individual learning plans or modified learning programmes may be drawn up for girls needing additional assistance.

Classes structured especially to support and extend girls in their education are Flexible Learning (Years 7-10), Flexible English (Years 7-8), Numeracy Support (Years 7-9), Future Problem Solving (Years 7-9) and 2XCEL (Year 9).

Every student in the Middle Years is part of a Mentor Group. They have a designated mentor who takes a leading role in their pastoral care, and supports and guides their development as they discover their interests and passions.

Our afterschool homework club, Flourish, offers our girls a place to complete their homework and assignments within MLC. A teacher, who is always happy to help, supervises Flourish.

Welcome to the Middle Years

Year 7

Year 7 is the start of the Middle Years' journey. Some of our girls have been through our Junior Years while others are starting out on their adventure at MLC.

As the girls transition from a totally compulsory curriculum to a place where they will have choice, we give them the opportunity to experience all of the elective subjects throughout the year.

To get them off to a running start, our Year 7 girls take part in an action-packed and fun orientation programme in the first week of the academic year. It's a chance for our girls to form new friendships as they take part in surfing, kayaking, swimming and open air cooking on camp stoves. In Term 3, they all go on the eagerly anticipated Outdoor Education camp.

All of our girls must study one of the four languages we offer – French, German, Mandarin or Japanese. To make informed decisions about their futures, our girls also have the opportunity to experience all of the elective subjects on offer.

Year 8

Year 8 is a time of choice and consolidation for our girls. They choose a language plus four electives to study throughout the year.

While the girls are undertaking their rigorous academic studies, we encourage them to develop the skills to be more responsible for their learning, to become critical thinkers and to be active problem solvers.

In Term 2, all of our girls experience lessons beyond the classroom at the Year 8 Outdoor Education Camp. The girls are presented with challenges that they would not normally encounter, such as pitching a tent and living in close quarters with someone else in the great outdoors. The camp teaches our girls patience, understanding, co-operation, and resilience, all of which are skills for life. It's also a fabulous opportunity to demonstrate leadership, get to know each other and the staff, as well as themselves.

Year 9

Our Year 9 girls are the Middle Years' leaders and leavers. In their final year in the Middle Years our girls are asked to step up and take on more responsibility. Some become House leaders, while others step up to serve the community.

Each student chooses three electives to study in Year 9 alongside their academic timetable.

To ready them for the Senior Years, the Year 9 girls are expected to take responsibility and be accountable for their learning outcomes. Their mentor and our highly qualified, specialist educators are on hand to guide them throughout their journey and to help them hone their study skills.

The two major highlights for the year are the Social and the Outdoor Education Camp.

We host the Social at the College and invite Year 9 boys from the surrounding schools.

The camp is an exciting adventure, building on the skills learnt at the previous years' camps. Our girls demonstrate their independence and their leadership abilities in a fun and challenging environment. It's also a great time to reconnect with each other and build new friendships.


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