We understand the pressures on busy professional families and in 2017 our Pre-Kindergarten will offer an extended-hours programme. 

To provide flexibility to all family circumstances, we offer a three-day programme operating from 8.45am to 2.30pm. Out of School Hours Care will also be available for Pre-Kindy students. This is provided by Wanslea Family Services both before and after school.

Girls and boys are welcomed into our Pre-Kindergarten programme, which is run by specialist early childhood teachers, to cater for the growing demand for a quality start to their schooling. 

We know that the best way for any three-year-old to learn is through purposeful play. Our Pre-Kindergarten programme is designed to teach your girls and boys fundamental skills in a stimulating and engaging environment.

Guided by our highly-skilled staff your child will learn to:

  • Make friends and learn how to interact with other children;
  • Value and respect family backgrounds, cultures, traditions and community;
  • Explore and express their creativity;
  • Enhance their gross and fine motor competencies;
  • Build confidence, independence and find their unique identity;
  • Connect with their world through play, music and movement; and,
  • Become an effective communicator and involved learner.

Please see our Fact Sheet for more information about the 2017 Pre-Kindergarten programme.


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