Walton Leadership Institute

Why did we establish the Walton Leadership Institute?

To enable girls to imagine, motivate and lead change.

The Walton Leadership Institute is named in honour of Methodist Ladies' College visionary and long-serving Principal, Gertrude Walton. It offers a specific curriculum that enhances leadership development as part of a holistic education. Girls have access to a wide range of opportunities, including the co-curricular domain, which engage them to inspire and motivate others to work towards a common purpose. Girls transition from imagining to exercising their leadership in authentic contexts for decision making and effecting change. This occurs in a mentoring environment that encourages them to reflect on their experiences as they refine the leadership skills they will carry into adulthood.

The Walton Leadership Institute focuses on development of the character strengths, understandings and skills that contribute to growing every girl's capacity to be an effective leader. The field of leadership has much to offer in terms of equipping our girls to make positive contributions to their communities, as well as enhancing their preparation for their future endeavours. The College Values: Integrity, Mastery, Enterprise and Justice, are embedded in the Institute's curriculum.

Graduates of the Walton Leadership Institute will be recognised for their exemplary communication and decision making, for providing service to others and for competencies required for effective international relations.

The Institute is accessible to every girl in Years 5–12 and all MLC graduates are also graduates of the Walton Leadership Institute.

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