Walton Leadership Institute

Why did we establish the Walton Leadership Institute?

To enable girls to imagine, motivate and lead change.

The Walton Leadership Institute is named in honour of Methodist Ladies' College visionary and long-serving Principal, Gertrude Walton.

The Walton Leadership Institute focuses on development of character strengths, understandings and skills that contribute to growing every girl's capacity to be an effective leader. The field of leadership has much to offer in terms of equipping our girls to make positive contributions to their communities, as well as enhancing their preparation for their future endeavours. The College Values: Integrity, Mastery, Enterprise and Justice, are embedded in the Institute's curriculum.

The Institute is accessible to every girl in Years 5–12 at the College. Throughout the program, the students keep a record of their leadership opportunities and reflect on their learning.

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Engage: In the online lessons, students see relevant prompts to show the attribute in action.

Question: Students then work through their ideas regarding the skill that they are learning.

Reflect: After the online lessons, the students then reflect on how they could incorporate the skill.

Practice: The students then complete a task to practice the skill. They also have a chance to practice their leadership skills through our extensive co- curricular program.

Take Action- students can find their passion through all the lessons and then have the option to work on an individualised Change-Maker project to make a positive difference to the community.


Engage > Question > Reflect > Practice > Take action


Communication: We know that words are powerful.

Influencing others: A true leader encourages others to be better.

Exercising Judgement: Leading by example is essential as an effective leader.

Negotiating: Looking at different points of view and ideas makes your own stronger.

Enterprise: Always have a goal in mind and be open to alternative ways to get there.

Service: An excellent leader lives by a people-first mindset and seeks ways to be purposeful.

Global Citizenship: A true leader is aware of the wider world and respects and values diversity.

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