Information Learning Technology

Technology plays a big part in our girls' lives, and we encourage them to become empowered learners as they are living in an increasingly socially-based, untethered and digitally rich world; learning on their own, in or out of school, with or without the support or assistance of their teachers or their School.

With our state of the art network, and under the guidance of our Information and Learning Technologies Department we:

Connect learners with information and resources to ensure every student, teacher and parent is a part of the learning team.

Collaborate in rich, compelling learning experiences that develop deeper knowledge and skill development, especially problem solving, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Communicate within the MLC learning community on aspects of student achievement and learning goals, and beyond MLC with learners from around the world.

Care for the well-being of our girls by working in partnership with our community to adopt appropriate use of technology both at school and beyond the classroom. We include cyber safety in our curriculum so that our girls can make informed decisions on how they use the Internet. We also host parents at ILT workshop to increase knowledge about the Internet, cyber safety and learning in the 21st Century.

From Year 5, we invite girls to bring their own iPad to use to carry out research, share ideas and develop their skills. What they produce is only limited by their imaginations.

Wherever our girls are on their learning journey they can connect, explore and contribute.

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