2021 WACE & VET Results

Methodist Ladies’ College is delighted to announce that our Class of 2021 have achieved outstanding results broadly across both the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses. As a non-selective school, our mission is to enable every girl to achieve her personal best and in a highly unique year, our students’ success is testament to their hard work and determination.

We commend every Year 12 student on their achievements across all areas of our holistic program, from co-curricular activities to service-learning opportunities. Such diverse learning pathways are the basis of a purposeful education at MLC, and we would like to thank the exceptional talent and dedication of our teaching staff and the invaluable support of our Year 12 parents and families.

“Life beyond MLC is looking very bright for these young women! I commend every one of 126 Year 12 students. 2021 has kept you on your toes and you have not waned from the task at hand. I very much look forward to seeing what the future holds for you the Class of 2021.”

MLC Principal, Dr Marie Perry.

2021 WACE Results

Key highlights of our 126 Year 12 graduates’ achievements include:

  • 100% of students graduated from Methodist Ladies’ College, including from the Learning and Support Centre;
  • 100% per cent of eligible students achieved their Western Australian Certificate of Education;
  • 91% of students are eligible to attend at least one University in WA;
  • 9 students received one or more VET Certificates, across 6 courses, including 7 Certificate IVs.

“We are immensely proud of the tenacity, determination and resilience displayed by the graduates of 2021. In an ever-changing educational and community environment, they have strived to achieve excellence in their chosen pathway which will hold them in good stead for the challenge in the future. I would also like to recognise the support of all the Academic and Operational staff at the College who have supported the girls in their journey at MLC. Finally, I also wish to thank all of the families for their vital support of the students and the College.”

Director of Teaching and Learning, Chris Kelley

Key ATAR pathway highlights include:

  • A median ATAR of 90.25 (state median: 81.75);
  • 7% of eligible students attained an ATAR of 99 or above;
  • 28% of eligible students attained an ATAR of 95 or above;
  • 50% of eligible students attained an ATAR of 90 or above.

“STUDENTS OF 2021, it has been an absolute joy to walk alongside you all through the Senior Years. You have embraced MLC’s holistic education and demonstrated your curiosity to learn and continually strive toward academic excellence. May you continue to live our Vision: Per Ardua Ad Alta, through striving to the heights. I look forward to seeing your curiosity and spirit shine through in your future years. I would also like to thank our staff who have worked so hard to support and guide our girls through these important, but cherished, Senior Years.”

Deputy Principal Years 7-12, Rosemarie Dunn

On behalf of the entire MLC community, we congratulate all of our Year 12 graduates, they are young women of tremendous capability and character and will go on to achieve many aspirations beyond MLC.