Our House System

All of our girls become members of one of our six Houses when they join us. Many are placed in their families' Houses, following in the steps of their aunts, sisters, mothers or grandmothers who also attended the College.

Throughout the year, many House activities are organised where older and younger years come together to build their sense of belonging.

Our girls take on leadership responsibilities for their Houses. Representatives from a variety of year groups are elected to lead, and a Prefect is appointed to be at the helm of each House. Working with her is the House Executive and all of the House representatives.

Interhouse activities in sports and the arts celebrate House rivalry in a fun and collegial manner, both winning and losing with grace.

At the end of the year, the Champion Cup is presented to the House that accumulated the most points throughout the year.

Our six Houses are:



College Colours

We recognise our girls who model our Values while striving for excellence with special awards called Colours.

Colours are given in a range of activities, including academia, sport, the arts, and service, to recognise girls' outstanding commitment to and achievement in their particular field of endeavour.

These are our most prestigious awards and are presented in two stages – Full Colours and Half Colours.

Full College Colours are awarded to Years 10–12 girls and are represented by a silver symbol embroidered on the blazer pocket with the year in which it was awarded beneath the symbol.

Girls in Years 7–9 may qualify for Half College Colours, which are represented by a bar badge or, for sport, embroidery on their sports' shirts.

Each girl who is awarded Colours demonstrates our inspiration and motto, Per Ardua Ad Alta; through striving to the heights.

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