Masterclass School Holiday Programme

The MLC Masterclass initiative strives to provide unique, fun and engaging topics to encourage girls and boys aged eight years and over to discover, or build upon, a genuine interest. Our topics are researched (using children eight years and over) and provide a quality school holiday option reflective of MLC. 

Many of our tutors are MLC teachers who are incredibly passionate and able to easily differentiate their Masterclasses for all skill levels. 

The Masterclass initiative provides the choice of four day 'Mastery' programmes and flexible 'Mix It Up' options to try new things. It operates from 9am-5pm each day.

Masterclass magic will continue in the school holidays from 15-18 January 2019.

View more exciting details and the daily Mix-It-Up timetable here.

Important Information


We are delighted to have received this tremendous feedback from Masterclass graduates and parents.

"Best week ever!"

"We loved the experience, she loved the cooking and also the sport breaks and would definitely attend again."

"Really enjoyed the sessions. Well done to the organisers and presenters."

"Kids loved every aspect of it and begged to come back for the fourth day!"

"Thank you for an amazing four days! My daughter just loved every minute from the amazing assistants to the lunch time dodge ball games to meet new friends. Summer holidays Masterclass was awesome. We will be back."

"My daughter really loved being in the audience during the Songwriters concert."

"She has already cooked dinner for the family using what she learned at the Masterclasses. The most important skill she acquired during the week (in my view) is that she now cleans as she 
cooks and does so intentionally (telling me that it is far easier to do so). I am so pleased as this is a hard lesson to learn for most cooks."

"I really can't reiterate enough how much Nick absolutely loved the songwriting class - they worked through their breaks and he would have stayed all night if it was an option. He keeps saying its the best thing he has ever done (and my kids have been doing holiday courses since they were 6!)."

"Another fun day."

"Abigail really enjoyed the science classes this time. She was especially pleased that she got to dissect a heart and see a brain in a jar! "

"Very well run programme. Thanks to Cath (the Masterclass Coordinator) for being so amazing and helpful, we will certainly be back at future Masterclasses!"

"Thank you for the great organisation."

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

The price varies for each Masterclass depending on materials required. The four-day programmes start at $360 and the Masterclass Mix It Up prices start at $90 per day.

Discounts are available for current MLC staff, current parents, future MLC families and Collegians. Please email to find out the promotional code for Trybooking.  

How do I pay?

All registrations are conducted online via Trybooking.

Can I get a refund if my child doesn’t come to the course/misses some of the days?

We will issue a full refund with seven or more days’ notice by email. If your child is unable to attend a course due to an unexpected illness please email you will be entitled to a credit on your account for the days they were unable to attend. This credit can be used on a course in the future. 

Please note it is not our usual policy to give refunds for any cancellation closer than seven days due to the fixed costs already incurred based on student numbers.

How many students participate in each Masterclass?

All classes are capped at 20 students to ensure equitable access to resources. Should enrolment numbers be deemed as unviable, we will advise you in writing and offer a full refund, or credit towards another Masterclass.

Who will be running the course?

Trained teachers and qualified specialists run all of our courses. We also provide an assistant in each course to support student work. All workshop staff have a current police clearance and a working with children check.

What will my child learn?

Each course is designed to have strong educational content, be fun and engaging. Course outcomes are determined and are available from the individual tutor on request.

What do you provide?

We provide all equipment, materials and facilities unless specified, to run the course.

What will my child need to bring?

Please provide your own morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea and a drink for your child/ren. Please note MLC is a nut free environment so we ask you to refrain from packing any nut products.


Please clearly label all items you are required to bring for your course, all other items should be left at home.

What happens at break times?

At break times we involve all MLC Masterclass participants in active play and take advantage of the grounds and equipment at MLC.

What are the drop off and pick up times?

All courses run from 9am to 5pm. On the first morning it is advisable to arrive at 8.30am. Early pick up is available on request.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Email our admin team at and we will find you an answer.

Terms and Conditions

As part of the Trybooking process you will be asked to agree to the following terms and conditions to complete your enrolment. We would also appreciate your permission to publish images of your child as per the details below:

  • I agree that information I have provided to Trybooking is correct including the date of birth of my child(red).
  • I confirm that my child(ren) are physically and mentally capable to undertake activities in the chosen MLC Masterclass.
  • I agree not to hold MLC Claremont and/or its employees liable for any personal injuries or accidents arising from participation in any MLC Masterclass unless the organisation is deemed negligent.
  • I agree to allow my child(ren) to watch G or PG rated television documentaries during the programme where relevant.
  • I give MLC permission to publish photographic and video images as per the information below.

Permission to Publish Details

MLC Masterclass requests permission to take/publish images (video or photographic) of your child while she/he is participating in the activity. These images would be used to promote MLC activities in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to internal MLC presentations, online and printed MLC publications, MLC website, MLC social media, and in media, including newspapers. If published, third parties would be able to view the photographs and work.

As part of the Trybooking process you will be asked to tick the permission to publish box. If you tick the box you agree that you understand and agree to the following:

  • Methodist Ladies’ College Masterclass is able to publish images of your child and samples of your child’s work as many times as it requires in the ways mentioned above;
  • Your child’s image may be reproduced either in colour or in black and white; and,
  • Methodist Ladies’ College will not use your child’s image or samples of your child’s work for any purpose other than for the general promotion of the College and its activities.

Any images captured by the College for the above-mentioned purposes will be stored securely.

This consent will remain effective until such time as you advise the school otherwise.

Check-in Procedure

Prior to commencing the MLC Masterclass you will receive a welcome letter and College map that details the check in arrangements, however please proceed to the Walter Shepherd Resource Centre on arrival. Check-in is open from 8.30-9am daily. Please bring your child into the Centre with you for sign-in, where a MLC Masterclass representative greet you and your child.

Check-out Procedures

Please return to the Walter Shepherd Resource Centre at 5pm sharp to sign-out your child(ren). A $20 per half hour charge will be incurred after 5.30pm. If your child(ren) need to leave early, advance notice must be given in writing to the staff at check-in time. 


If your child should become ill while at MLC Masterclass, you will be notified. We do not have a registered nurse on staff; therefore, we will ask you to remove your child from the programme for the day. 

In the Case of an Accident or Emergency

In the case of an emergency or accident involving your child, you will be notified by one of the MLC Masterclass certified First Aid Personnel. Our First Aid Personnel are trained in basic emergency procedures.

Personal Details

MLC will keep your contact details on file. We will contact you about upcoming MLC Masterclasses and general information about the College. You may opt out of communication on request at registration.


We cannot be responsible for administering your child’s medication. If your child does require medication, the parent/guardian will be required to administer it. Your child is responsible for carrying his/her EpiPen or inhaler with him/her at all times. Your child will show their tutor where it is carried on their person. In the event of an emergency, the MLC Masterclass First Aid Personnel will administer the EpiPen. 


Our administration team and specialist tutors are dedicated to delivering a fun-filled learning adventure. We are, however, aware that there may be times when our participants behave uncharacteristically in this new environment. We will make every attempt to ensure any conflicts are resolved and your child(ren) continue with their chosen MLC Masterclass. On occasion, it may be necessary to provide the chance for the child to regroup with some time out away from the activity area. If your child still has difficulty in the situation, you will be notified by way of a telephone call and/or discussion with the tutor at drop-off or pick-up time. If the behaviour persists and conflicts cannot be resolved, or the situation is severe, you will be contacted immediately and the incident(s) may result in suspension or expulsion from the programme.