Year 3

The start of the Primary programme builds on the solid numeracy and literacy foundations establish in the early years, and opens the door to a labyrinth of learning experiences.

Learning is taken into the field. History comes to life on the streets of our neighbourhood, and is brought into the classroom by experts. Our Outdoor and Environmental Education staff takes the girls on a day of discovering our surrounds.

Music becomes a bigger part of our girls' lives; they are all given a string instrument to learn under the tutorage of specialists. They also join our Archetti string ensemble to learn how to work together.

Independence is encouraged in learning and decision making, and Health and friendship circle time introduces strategies to embrace difference.

Girls who need more academic challenges are invited to become involved with Stretchy Thinking, a specialist programme designed to stimulate curious minds. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) projects take off every Friday afternoon.

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