Early Learning Centre–Kindergarten

MLC welcomes you to our exceptional Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten for girls and boys from the age of one to four years of age. Your child will thrive and be nurtured by our caring early learning specialists, nestled in the heart of MLC.

We have a proud 110-year tradition of supporting children and their families to flourish within our fully holistic approach.

Our Early Learning Centre is a warm and inviting space, where families are valued as their child’s first teacher. Our highly experienced and qualified early childhood educators will work in partnership with parents to nurture and support each child to develop and ultimately, thrive.

Children in the Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten will have access to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor learning experiences, which promote curiosity, creativity and social interaction. Purposeful and carefully considered opportunities will be included in the environment to enhance cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

We appreciate the different requirements of our families and the need for flexibility for all family circumstances. Accordingly, the Centre operates 50 weeks of the year from 6.30am to 6.30pm, only closing for two weeks over the Christmas holiday period.

The Centre uses Xplor software to provide parents with real-time updates, photos and videos throughout the day.

For further information regarding the MLC Early Learning Centre please see our Parent Handbook and Fees and Charges brochure or contact our Admissions team on +61 (08) 9383 0217.

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Life in the ELC

Discover our Early Learning Centre

Our Learning Environment

Our Philosophy

At MLC’s Early Learning Centre (ELC), we understand that the first five years of a child’s learning journey are imperative to their future success. Our play-based learning philosophy is influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach. We believe that children use some 100 languages to speak, listen, think, discover, invent and dream.

In the ELC, children are encouraged to discover and build a sense of belonging to our community. We aim to give children the agency and rich environments they need to investigate, interpret, question and connect with the world around them.

We hold equity, inclusion and diversity in the highest regard as we support our children to become active citizens in this ever-changing world. Our goal is to create genuine and respectful partnerships with families; we honour parents as their child’s first teacher and value their input in decision-making. We recognise that it is essential to foster warm and nurturing relationships with children, along with their families, so that we can understand, scaffold and support their individual learning journeys. 

Our vision is to develop our families’ sense of belonging through partnerships with the local community that celebrate our diversity.


MLC’s Early Learning Centre offers a range of outstanding programmes for very young learners. These include:

Mandarin Stars

Children who learn a second language experience many cognitive benefits. Mandarin Stars is a specially designed Mandarin language programme for children. The dynamic weekly sessions are a fun and interactive way to help your child learn a new language as they grow and develop.

Music Time

Music plays a hugely significant role in human development, even before birth and throughout the early years. Specialist Music Tutors provide twice-weekly Music sessions in the ELC. The sessions focus on playing musical instruments, songs and rhymes, movement, dance and music games. Children also enjoy occasional live performances from older girls at the College. Resources have been especially designed and in many cases songs especially composed and recorded to provide children with uniquely rich musical activities that connect with other learning programmes across the Centre. These resources are available for MLC families to utilise at home to encourage singing and musical play.

Djinda Strings

From the age of three to four, some children may be ready to engage with instrumental music learning in a focused, but playful way. Our Djinda Strings programme provides an opportunity for our ELC children to expand their skills on the violin and cello through individual lessons with specialist tutors.

Instrumental Learning

Instrumental learning in the early years is known to have a significant impact on development across a wide range of learning areas and domains, and on developing brain architecture. With parental or carer support, opportunities are available within the College for children to take violin, cello or piano lessons that are especially designed for very young learners.


Our spacious and vibrant Kindergarten is where our students have fun while preparing for their future schooling. Through play, they develop solid foundations in pre-numeracy and pre-literacy skills that set them on the path to lifelong learning success.

Families have the choice of our four or five day Kindergarten programme.

Our specialist early years' staff designs games that stimulate young minds through multi-sensory learning experiences. Importantly, our students have fun and become engaged learners.

We also focus on our Kindy students' social and physical wellbeing by introducing specialist subjects such as Dance, Music and Physical Education. There are regular visits to our Lorna Dickson Library to borrow books to take home, and excursions. We work together to learn about cooperation, taking turns and sharing. Our Music Department also offers piano and violin lessons.

Our unique approach

Our MLC Early Learning Centre (ELC) Director Rika Whelan and MLC staff member and ELC parent Jessica Addy chat about the wonderful community that has flourished in the ELC. The legacy that was established in 2018 has only grown stronger as more MLC staff members enrol their babies at the ELC.

With access to purposeful opportunities across the College and a curriculum that fosters the learning and development in each child, our ELC creates an environment for children from six months of age to thrive. Listen in to this week’s episode to hear more about our unique approach.


Western Australia now has immunisation laws that will help to better protect our children and the wider community from vaccine-preventable diseases.

When you enrol your child in our Early Learning Centre or Kindergarten you will need to provide your child’s current Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Immunisation History Statement, which shows your child is ‘up-to-date’ with all the scheduled immunisations (according to the National Immunisation Program) for their age. This Statement must be no more than two months old.

Without an up to date immunisation history or an exemption, children cannot be enrolled in our Early Learning Centre or Kindergarten.

If you would like to know more about the immunisation requirements, obtaining an AIR Immunisation History Statement or how to access immunisation services go to HealthyWA.

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