What makes boarding here so special is that sense of belonging. From the moment that your daughter steps into our Boarding House, she becomes a part of a special community where she will make lifelong friends.

We aim to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment where she can have privacy and room to grow, and importantly, where she can have fun and feel at home.

Set in the heart of our campus in the elegant Centenary Building, our Boarding House is home away from home for up to 90 girls each year.

Our historic exterior disguises our modern facilities including our study labs, kitchens, theatre rooms, family rooms and comfortable bedrooms. There are nooks throughout where our girls can relax on their own or with their friends.

To ensure a bespoke experience we encourage our girls to bring a piece of home with them, be that their favourite floor rug or lamp, cushions or photos. This is, after all, their home where she has an array of 'sisters' to support her learning and growing journey at hand.

Our girls can spend their spare time using our wonderful facilities, including our gym, swimming pool and tennis courts, or lazing in our gardens which overlook the Swan River.

Our Boarding House has recently installed a new electronic leave programme, which allows parents to receive immediate and up to date information in regards to their daughter’s whereabouts and planned activities. It also enables parents to record approved hosts with whom their daughter may take leave with.

View our Boarding Handbook.

A Home Away From Home

Welcome to Boarding at MLC

Our Director of Boarding

Ms Jennifer McGillivray is an educator with more than 30 years’ experience. In 2016 she received the Professional Teaching Council of Western Australia’s Outstanding Professional Service Award.

As Director of Boarding at MLC, Ms McGillivray says: “My vision is to keep the Boarding House a happy, safe and caring environment where the girls feel a strong sense of belonging. I want every student to feel understood and able to freely communicate any needs or concerns. The small, bespoke nature of the Boarding House makes this possible; it allows us to get to know each girl and provide the highest level of individual care.

“I was once a boarder myself, so I know how challenging it can be to move away from home into a completely new environment. For parents, choosing where to send their daughters to board is a huge decision. It’s an enormous responsibility for us to partner with them as we help guide each girl on her learning journey. I believe open, honest communication is the key to success. I’m looking forward to building strong relationships with all of our boarders and their families.

“This job encompasses everything I love. In my previous roles as a teacher and Head of Year, I’ve always been passionate about pastoral care. I believe in taking a holistic approach. It’s about developing the whole person—the physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual capacity of each individual girl.

“The MLC Boarding House is a special place. We’re lucky to have such beautiful, modern facilities and amazing views of the river. But most importantly, there’s a strong sense of home here. It’s a place where our girls can relax and be themselves.

“I’m looking forward to working with parents and students as we continue to foster a happy, vibrant culture in the MLC Boarding House.”

Urban Boarding

At MLC, we offer day girls the opportunity to join our special boarding community, whether on a temporary or ongoing part-time basis. Here they can experience a home away from home, with benefits on offer such as:

  • Supervised study with our Academic Tutors 
  • Weekend recreational activities
  • Healthy meals
  • Reduced commute time

We offer places for current MLC day students in Years 6–12 for:

  • Weekly Boarding – seven nights (5pm Sunday–5pm Sunday)
  • School-Week Overnight Boarding – five nights (5pm Sunday–5pm Friday)
  • Daily Overnight Boarding (3.30pm–8.30am)

To find out more about Urban Boarding, contact Director of Boarding Jen McGillivray on  0407 387 982 or at

Boarders' Activities

We encourage the girls to pursue their own passions, while being part of an inclusive extended family. And, like a family, we have lots of fun, especially at weekends when our Recreation Officer organises an array of events including:

  • Day trips to Adventure World
  • Yoga 
  • Rock climbing
  • Quiz nights
  • Bike rides
  • Meditation
  • Sculptures by the Sea at Cottesloe Beach
  • New girls' concert
  • Ice skating
  • Christmas in July
  • Shopping trips, including visits to the Fremantle Markets and Joondalup
  • Tennis
  • Socials
  • Boarding dinners
  • Roller skating
  • Movie nights
  • Weekend baking
  • AFL games
  • Dodgeball
  • Trampolining at Bounce
  • AQWA
  • Music and games nights
  • Riding the waves at Bayswater Waves
  • Indoor Beach Volleyball
  • Visit to the cinema
  • Café lunches and dinners
  • Swimming pool fun
  • Escape Room
  • Visits from Headspace and our MLC Psychologists
  • Community service opportunities 
  • Financial literacy

    We Are Family

    This episode of our MLC podcast explores day-to-day life within our Boarding House. Hear some of our boarders reflect on their experiences from forming close friendships to unique morning wake-up calls and the ultimate chicken curry lunches.

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