Series Six

In Series Six of our Girls on Fire Podcast, we focus on learning, teamwork and lifelong connections.

Episode One

Suzanne Sutherland Harrison

Suzanne Harrison Found her Fire

Two of our passionate Year 11 story writers were excited to sit down and quiz published author and MLC Collegian Suzanne Harrison (Sutherland 1986) on her tricks to being a successful novelist. Listen to this week’s podcast to hear Suzanne shed light on life as a writer, from the struggles and set backs to the joy of seeing your work finally published.

Episode Two

Term 1 as an MLC Boarder

Term 1 as an MLC Boarder

From watching fireworks over the river to discovering a love of learning in class, our new boarders have had the time of their lives in Term 1 at MLC. Listen in to this week’s podcast to hear from some of our new boarders about their experiences so far.

Episode Three

Developing Tomorrows World

Developing Tomorrow's World

House automation, coding and app development; all in a day’s work for our Year 10 Digital Technologies students. In class, students have been developing real world skills that give them the experience needed to be successful in innovative careers. Listen to this week’s podcast to hear two of our students discuss what they have been learning and their career aspirations for the future.

Episode Four

Bree KS

Welcoming Bree back to MLC Rowing

With only one day to go until the first regatta of 2021, we put the spotlight on our new Head Rowing Coach and Collegian Bree Kennedy-Smith (2014). In this week’s podcast, students Alyssa and Madison have a chat with Bree about her passion for rowing, from being a part of the winning First VIII crew in 2014 to now leading a team of ambitious young rowers.

Episode Five


MLC Podcast goes to Nullagine

A group of Year 11 MLC and Christ Church Grammar School (CCGS) students travelled to Nullagine last week for the opportunity to experience and gain a greater understanding of remote communities through hands on learning in the local school. Listen to this week’s podcast to hear daily insights from the students and staff.

Episode Six

Kate Kirwin

Kate Kirwin Found Her Fire

We were very lucky to be joined by special guest MLC Collegian and Founder of She Codes Kate Kirwin (2010) for this week’s podcast. Listen in to hear her advice for young people wanting to enter the tech industry as well as her experiences running a successful business.

Episode Seven

Languages Hub Podcast

Bringing the Languages Hub to Life

The 2020 Circle of Success empowered a group of Year 8 students to re-purpose and reignite our languages classrooms. In this week’s podcast we catch up with some of the students who designed the amazing spaces to hear their reflections about the incredible opportunity to work on the project and what it’s like to learn in the revitalised Languages Hub.

Episode Eight

Diamond High Tea Podcast

Collegian Stories Through the Decades

As part of our Diamonds High Tea last week we welcomed our Collegians from the 1940-60s to recall their fond school memories. They were eager to spill the beans on the mischief they got up to in the Boarding House and what school was like in their day. Tune into this week’s podcast to hear all!

Episode Nine

Oz Harvest

Cooking Up a Storm

The Year 10 Food Specialisations class have been working in partnership with OzHarvest food charity organisation to prepare 120 nutritious meals. Each week a student is selected as project manager and leads the class through every step of the meal preparation. Listen in to this week’s podcast to hear some of the students reflect on the project.

Episode Ten

IGSSA 25 Club Podcast

Team Players

The goal for all of our dedicated sportswomen is to reach the IGSSA 25 Club by participating in 25 IGSSA teams during their time at MLC. As we celebrate Sports Week, some of our 25 Club members share how sport at MLC has helped them to build resilience, confidence, persistence, teamwork skills and a love of competition. Listen in to this week’s podcast to hear their insights.

Episode Eleven

Pre Primary Podcast

Nurturing a Love of Learning

Our staff are committed to caring for each student both emotionally and academically. Listen to this week’s podcast to hear from our Pre-Primary teacher Kate, specialist Art teacher Joanna and specialist Music teacher Helen as they discuss the advantages of getting your child’s foundations right.