Series Four

In Series Four, we welcomed back many Collegians to share their stories with us. We explored early learning, leadership, philosophical questions and reflected on the unique year that was 2020.

Episode One

Amy Barber Podcast

Amy Barber Found her Fire

MLC Collegian Amy Barber (2004) found her passion for international law and social justice at MLC. After taking a leap to find her dream job, she began a life-changing adventure travelling the world working in international law for the United Nations. Her cases involved everything from war crimes to prosecuting genocide and crimes against humanity.

Listen in to hear Amy chat to Year 11 student Jemeeka about her journey from school, which she describes as some of the best years of her life, to living in Tanzania and returning to Perth where she now works for the Army Reserves, Red Cross and teaches yoga at a Women’s Prison.

Episode Two

Dr Karl Podcast

Can Fish See Water?

If sunscreen protects our skin from getting burnt does the sunscreen get burnt? How do Chameleons get their pigment? These are just some of the questions our Years 5 and 6 students posed to scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki during a teams session last term. Listen in to hear some of our young philosophers unpack these mysteries and chat about why being curious is so important.

Episode Three

Class Of 2020 Rewind

Class of 2020 Rewind

As it is the final week of classes for our Year 12 students, we have created this unique episode featuring special recollections from the girls. Listen in to hear them reminisce about painting in Kindergarten, the Year 4 talent show, forming a flash mob in Math class, and more of their fondest MLC memories. Our girls have shared some amazing memories together during their MLC journeys, which will no doubt last a lifetime.

Episode Four

Bonnie And Bec61

Bonnie Hyatt Found her Fire

MLC Collegian Bonnie Hyatt (2018) found her passion for immunology and language studies at MLC. Bonnie leaped into every opportunity while at MLC and she hasn’t changed. As the Boarding Prefect in Year 12, Bonnie took her role as a big sister very seriously and dedicated much of her time to caring for the boarders and creating fun activities for them to take part in. Now that she’s at Residential College, she endeavours to create the same experiences for university students.

Listen in to hear Bonnie chat to Year 11 student Rebekah about her fondest school memories and how these have led her to pursue her passion for science and the arts at the University of Western Australia.

Episode Five

Kylie And Amberley

Amberley and Kylee Found their Fire

MLC Collegians Amberley Woo and Kylee Kotula (2019) returned to the College this term to direct one of the Years 7–9 Productions. When writing their play they took inspiration from their very own Year 9 Production and endeavoured to create the same fun and welcoming environment that their Collegian directors did back in the day.

Listen in to hear them chat about the give it a go attitude they developed while at school and their appreciation for the continuing support of the MLC community.

Episode Six

Alicia Janz Square Image

Alicia Janz Found her Fire

Collegian Alicia Janz (2007) is an Australian rules footballer who plays for West Coast in the Women’s competition. She has also played netball for West Coast Fever and Western Sting. Beyond sports, Alicia is a member of the AFL players’ association Indigenous Advisory Board and a Team Coordinator for Deadly Sista Girlz, which is part of the Wirrpanda Foundation. In this week’s podcast, students from our MLC IGSSA AFL team chat with Alicia about her experience as a professional athlete and ask her advice for young women playing football.

Alicia visited MLC to deliver a powerful speech to our girls in recognition of Naidoc Week. Read her speech.

Episode Seven

Rika And Jessica

First Footsteps of an MLC Adventure

Our MLC Early Learning Centre (ELC) Director Rika Whelan and MLC staff member and ELC parent Jessica Addy chat about the wonderful community that has flourished in the ELC. The legacy that was established in 2018 has only grown stronger as more MLC staff members enrol their babies at the ELC.

With access to purposeful opportunities across the College and a curriculum that fosters the learning and development in each child, our ELC creates an environment for children from six months of age to thrive. Listen in to this week’s episode to hear more about our unique approach.

Episode Eight

Podcast With Nevin

Leadership Unlocked

What defines a successful leader? Listen to this week’s podcast to hear two of our Year 11 students discuss this question and more with Nevin, a Graduate Mechanical Engineer at Woodside. He shares valuable advice with the students and provides an insight into his journey from high school to now living and working in Karratha.

Episode Nine

Dr Perrys Reflections

Dr Perry’s 2020 Reflections

Take a look back at the year of 2020 with Principal Dr Marie Perry and Head and Deputy Head Prefect Elect Jemeeka and Ruby. Dr Perry shares her best and most challenging moments of 2020, from working on the transition to online learning, reimagining MLC events and dealing with being away from her own family and friends. Listen in to the final episode of Girls on Fire 2020 to hear Dr Perry reflect on how she has taken a leap this year.