Series Five

Our exciting Series Five features broken records at MLC, purposeful pathways, academic excellence, artistic pursuits and Collegian passions.

Episode One

Evelyn And Shannon Promo Box

Celebrating Academic Excellence

MLC Collegians Evelyn and Shannon have a chat to our 2021 Academic Prefect Maya about their recent results in the WACE exams. They both received a perfect score of 99.95, placing them as two of the top 14 students in the state. For this pair of exceptional students, life throughout school was more than just study, they spoke about the importance of spending time with friends and family and really enjoying everything that MLC had to offer.

Episode Two

Podcast Ep 2 Image Marie Jemeeka And Ruby

Our 2021 College Themes

The MLC community is unified under two guiding themes each year, one being the prefects’ theme and the other is the principal’s theme. Listen in to this week’s podcast to hear Principal Dr Perry and Head and Deputy Head Prefects Jemeeka and Ruby announce the themes.

Episode Three

Podcast Episode Three Kylie Cross

Get to Know Our Deputy Principal ELC–Year 6

Our Junior Years' students were eager to ask our new Deputy Principal ELC–Year 6 all of life’s big questions. In this week’s podcast, you can join them as they get to know Mrs Kylie Cross. They chat about everything from Kylie’s devotion to Surf Life Saving, her pet bunny Snowball and the her vision for the MLC Junior Years.

Episode Four

Lucy And Stella

Lucy Iffla Found her Fire

Jazz was not so much a choice for Lucy but rather a calling. When she was first awarded a music prize at MLC, she never imagined that in 2021 she would be a professional musician.

Listen to this week’s podcast to hear Year 12 student Stella chat to her vocal tutor and Collegian Lucy Iffla about their passion for Jazz.

Episode Five

Andy Quilty Resized

Andy Quilty on Life as an Artist

Our Year 10 Art students were lucky enough to spend the day with artist Andy Quilty. Listen to this week’s episode to gain an insight into where Andy draws inspiration from and his take on the importance of art history.

Episode Six

Lucy and Nicola

Purposeful Pathways

Year 12 student Katie wanted to share her experience and advice on alternative learning pathways and our Girls on Fire the Podcast gave her the platform for this message. Listen to this week’s podcast to hear Katie and MLC teacher Nicola Rose, Coordinator of Inclusive Learning Years 7–12 and Vocational Education and Training (VET) chat about alternative pathways at MLC.

Episode Seven

Hollis and Jussea

From Easter Animation to Game Design

Five years ago, MLC Chaplain Rev. Hollis Wilson asked then Year 11 student Jussea to create an animation for the Easter Chapel Service. The result was superb and, not surprisingly, Jussea has continued to pursue her talent through studying a Games Art and Design degree at university. Listen to this week’s podcast to hear Jussea chat to Hollis about her experience studying and working in a creative industry.

Episode Eight

Record Breakers

Record Breakers

Since 1976, Collegian Jodi Newton (1980) has held the Year 8 50-metre Breaststroke record at MLC, but this changed when talented athlete and Year 8 MLC student Lucy came along and broke the record. Listen to this week’s podcast to hear Jodi chat about her experience as an athlete with Year 8 students Lucy and Jemima.