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Kind, curious, imaginative, bold, unique … The Girls on Fire podcast celebrates the students, staff and community members who capture the spirit of MLC. Listen to Series Seven free below or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Pocket Casts.

Episode 8

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Dr Perry's 2021 Reflections

To close off another incredible year, Year 6 students Clarise, Zara and Anya sit down with MLC Principal Dr Marie Perry to discuss her greatest highlights and challenges for 2021.

Episode 7

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Flourishing Futures

Flourishing Futures is a week-long program that gives Year 10s the opportunity to experience a workplace, as well as learning new skills through micro-credential courses. This week we caught up with MLC Director of Innovation Meagan King to discuss the program, as well as a few of the students taking part.

Episode 6

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Wellbeing at MLC

Wellbeing is always at the forefront of the college experience MLC provides. This week, Senior Years Deputy Principal Rosemarie Dunn sits down with Senior College Psychologist Tania Henry and Health Coordinator Helen Gillausseyn to discuss MLC’s wellbeing approach.

Episode 5


Creating Created

'Created' is a walking exhibition that showcases artwork from Pre-Primary to Year 12, while offering a unique chance to explore the College's learning spaces. To find out what to expect from the exhibition, we caught up with Stuart Earnshaw, Head of Creative Arts, Design And Technologies, as well as some of the award winning artists whose work will be on display.

Episode 4


Who Is Heather Lamont?

The Heather Lamont Festival is MLC's all-day arts festival, celebrating music, dance, theatre and creative expression in all forms. This week we learn a little bit about who Heather Lamont was, and how her legacy is being celebrated today.

Episode 3


Exceptional Foundations

Children learn at an astonishing rate at a young age, which is what makes setting an exceptional foundation for learning so important. We caught up with Kylie Cross, Deputy Principal for Junior Years, to discuss the importance of good Pre-Primary education.

Episode 2

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Bravo, Maestro

The upcoming October Concert marks the final performance for Dr Robert Faulkner, our Director of Music. To celebrate an incredible career, returning collegians Olivia and Oriana sat down to discuss Dr Faulkner's time at MLC, his insights, challenges, and what we can expect from the upcoming performance.

Episode 1

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Innovation in Education

On September 28 we hosted the inaugural Innovation in Education Festival, bringing together educators and industry leaders to discuss the future of education. This week we're joined by Meagan King, Director of Innovation at MLC, to discuss the event and her key takeaways.

Episode 6

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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards

Receiving a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award is a huge achievement that recognises accomplishments in voluntary service, physical recreation, adventurous journeys, leadership and discovering new skills. We caught up with four of our Gold Award Recipients; Chloe, Christine, Phoebe and Sophie, to hear about their experiences.

Episode 5

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Get to Know Our Director of Boarding

We catch up with Deb Barraclough, Director of Boarding, to discuss her background, her hopes for MLC borders, and the importance of family.

Episode 4


The Journey to Concerto Night

Concerto Night is a long-standing rite of passage for our senior musicians at MLC. We sat down with Maya, Saffron and Michaela to talk about how their music journey started and the lead-up to the big night.

Episode 3

Outstanding Innovative Educators

Outstanding Innovative Educators

Across Western Australia there are some outstanding innovative educators leading the way in the education sector. In this podcast, we are joined by three young professionals as they share their knowledge and experience in working to inspire and empower our next generation.

Episode 2

Principals Panel

Leading Principal Insights

With an increase in technology use, industry partnerships and global opportunities, our schools are working hard to ensure we’re preparing our students for an unknown future of work. In this week’s podcast, we are joined by MLC Principal, Dr Marie Perry, Scotch College Principal, Alec O’Connell and St Stephens Principal, Donella Beare, to discuss their insights into the future of education.

Episode 1

Innovative Career Pathways

Innovative Career Pathways

Our Year 10 students had the opportunity to take part in the Career Innovators Programme in partnership with Bop Industries. The students built on their creative and critical thinking skills through working on solutions for industry aligned challenges, as well as hearing from some outstanding guest speakers. Listen in to this week’s podcast to hear some of the Year 10 students chat with the CEO of Bop Industries Scott Millar.

Series One

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In Series One we focused on leadership, innovation, resilience, music, MLC memories, passions, aspirations and online learning.

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Series Two

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Listen to our Second Series

In Series Two we focused on sustainability, sporting prowess, spirituality, our sisterhood and the simple things.

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Series Three

Elizabeth Knight

Listen to our Third Series

In Series Three we focused on learning beyond the classroom at MLC. From Think Tank challenges to inspiring guest speakers and mentors, behind the scenes of theatre productions to service, global citizenship and singing on stage. There is something for everyone in Series Three.

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Series Four

Amy Barber Podcast

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In Series Four, we welcomed back many Collegians to share their stories with us. We explored early learning, leadership, philosophical questions and reflected on the unique year that was 2020.

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Series Five

Podcast Episode Three Kylie Cross

Listen to Our Fifth Series

Our exciting Series Five features broken records at MLC, purposeful pathways, academic excellence, artistic pursuits and Collegian passions.

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Series Six

Term 1 as an MLC Boarder

Listen to Our Sixth Series

In Series Six of our Girls on Fire Podcast, we focus on learning, teamwork and lifelong connections.

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