A Day in the Life of an MLC Girl

At MLC, we support every girl to strive to the heights in her learning. Every day at MLC is special as our girls learn, grow and explore during their classes and activities. View below what a day at our College looks like for our girls.

Every Girl, Every Day

Catherine | Year 7

We joined Year 7 student Catherine for a day as she navigated her way through myriad classes across the campus. In Physical Education, her class learnt how to use their bodies to generate power while maintaining the required technique for shot put, practising indoors with a medicine ball.

She played the Balinese gamelan alongside her classmates during Music. 

In Materials Design and Technology – Textiles, she sewed elements onto her ‘bird softie’. 

Her English class studied symbolism and visual analysis.

In French, the class focused on the names of colours. 

Anoushka | Year 12

We joined Year 12 boarder Anoushka as she traversed through her classes and activities. Her day began with assembly where, as a prefect, she lead the students in a fun interpretive dance to the College song. 

Next up was Physics followed by Chemistry where she learnt about pH changes during acid-base titrations and indicator choice. 

A study period and English class preceded Ancient History where she prepared for an essay about Akhenaten, a Pharaoh of Egypt. 

The day wrapped up with coffee on the couch in one of the Boarding House common rooms with friends.

Zoe | Year 10

Zoe began her day with an early morning Symphony Orchestra rehearsal where she practised the French horn alongside her fellow instrumentalists. 

In English her class researched the play, ‘Medea’, by Euripides as part of a literature unit. 

She played the role of a coach in Physical Education where she worked through a programme inspiring her classmate who she was ‘training’. 

In another musical session she worked as a group to perform The Beatles classic ‘Here Comes the Sun’ where she played percussion. 

Maths and Humanities preceded a German lesson where she created a website to house a German video, combining languages and digital technologies skills. 

Maia | Year 8

Science was Maia's favourite class of the day and the focus was geology. She made paint from minerals as part of an Earth and Space unit.

German class was spent in the Innovation Studio using virtual reality technology and speech recognition software to practise her skills. 

In Food Specialisation the class trialled pizza types which they will soon make to sell to their peers at lunchtime. 

She undertook an investigation in Mathematics. The objective was to work out the medicine dosage of a child according to some given formulae and see how it differs from the normal adult dosage. 

JavaScript coding continued in Digital Technologies. 

Advita | Year 7

We stepped inside Advita’s world as she moved from class to class during a day in Year 7. She started out in Science where the class recorded the measurements of pink oyster mushrooms which they have been growing. 

Humanities and French classes followed where she practised her speaking skills. 

In Music, the girls developed musical memory and listening skills by learning clapping patterns. 

A Food Specialisation theory session and Digital Technologies rounded out the day and she made progress on her scratch coding project.

Jennilee | Year 10

Boarder Jennilee showed us what her Year 10 life looks like during a day at MLC.

Engineering was first up on the timetable and she worked with a team to design a water station for Koalas, a task based on a competition from Green Heroes. We had a quick peek at her previous project which was based on building prosthetic limbs.

In English she focused on Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Physical Education Studies was up next and the class learnt about the respiratory system.

The day ended with snack time in the Boarding House where she wound down after her Science test during last period.

Julieta | Year 8

We joined Year 8 student Julieta for the day as she travelled from class to class, starting with Mentor-Mentee time.

She worked on her JavaScript coding project in Digital Technologies.

She headed to Material and Technologies where she continued with the production of her ‘Boro Bag’, working on the lining and straps.

The class took on a counting-based problem-solving activity in Mathematics.

Humanities and English followed where Julieta is studying representations of women throughout the ages and the influence of social, cultural and historical context on these interpretations.