Year 3 String Programme

The Year 3 String Programme is designed to provide a fun, dynamic environment for students to learn how to play the violin, viola, cello or double bass.

The programme is especially tailored to suit the needs and interests of this particular age group, so that students can have fun while developing a strong technical foundation and appreciation for music.

Taking an eclectic approach to string tutoring, the programme and repertoire is carefully planned to ensure students can achieve, develop and improve their skills step by step.

Demonstrations on violin, viola, cello and double bass will be given at the start of Term 1 to assist students in their choice between these two instruments.

Students receive free tuition and free use of both a College instrument and tutor books for the year.

Beginners receive shared/individual lessons over the course of Semester 1. Students who wish to continue learning, and become involved in MLC's extensive music co-curricular programme, will be further supported by having an instrument and tuition fees provided for the remainder of the school year.

Those who have commenced learning violin, viola, cello and double bass prior to Year 3, and are choosing to continue on that instrument, will receive 24 individual lessons at 50 per cent of the tuition fee, providing they are learning at the College.

The 40 minute lessons take place during the school day and are timetabled by the Music Department.

To provide a rewarding experience for your daughter and to help her succeed in the String Programme, we strongly encourage your involvement.

This includes helping her to maintain a regular practice routine, providing positive reinforcement and being a "supremely interested audience." For further ideas about parental support of instrumental learning, please read: How Can I Assist My Daughter.

Benefits of the Programme

There are a number of benefits that can be gained from the String Programme, whether the student continues with their chosen string instrument or chooses another instrument in the future.

Throughout the year students will develop:

Performance Opportunities

Students are encouraged to consider joining an ensemble after a semester of tuition. In the Junior Years, the Archetti String Ensemble caters for beginner string players and the Sinfonietta String Orchestra for more advanced string players.