MLC Foundation

The MLC Foundation

The MLC Foundation was established in 1987 to assist the College Council by encouraging and fostering a culture of philanthropy within MLC's Community of parents, past students and friends.

The Foundation is committed to creating sustainable philanthropic programmes that will allow us to build an intergenerational source of independent income.

Over the years, progressive plans for the development of the MLC Campus have been realised as a result of skillful financial management by the MLC Foundation. Future Campus development continues through our Building Programme, while opportunities for students are spearheaded through Scholarships and initiatives such as the Amazing Women series.

MLC is committed to achieving excellence and equity in all areas of education. The Foundation provides money for needs that are beyond traditional funding sources. This in turn continues the Vision of the College's founders and notable leaders, that MLC provides all students now and into the future, the opportunity to participate fully in society, to achieve their personal best and value lifelong learning.

The dedicated MLC Foundation Board and members of various associated sub-committees are passionate about developing philanthropy at MLC.

We thank our generous supporters

MLC community members who support the College know that their gift will be of immense benefit to current students. We recognise and sincerely thank our Donors, Partners and Patrons for their generous support. Click here to view the names of supporters of the MLC Foundation from 2008 to 2013.