The Boarding House

How the Boarding House is Run

Just as the day students remain in College until the close of the school day, boarders leave the Boarding House at 8.15am and do not return until 3.30pm.

After school, they are positively encouraged to change out of their uniforms and relax in the Boarding House and grounds.

And just like at home, students have chores! These include cleaning up Common Rooms, bringing supper from the Dining Room, and various weekend duties.

Boarders join together for meals in the Dining Room, and you can read more about the food we provide here: Healthy Eating.

They are expected to leave their room clean and tidy each morning, and to do their own personal laundry. We launder and iron all uniforms, sheets and towels weekly.

Each week there is a Boarding House meeting, where the Director presents news and provides a forum for students to discuss issues or concerns.

There is also a Boarders' Council of students, led by the Boarding Prefect, who get together regularly to discuss issues, and represent the boarders in meetings with the Director.